Moto G4 screens on sale through eBay, before release

Manny Pham
May 11, 2016

An eBay post is selling the Moto G4 screen panels, even though the device hasn’t been released yet.

moto g4 screen ebay

News for the Moto G4 are leaking thick and fast before its expected announcement on May 17th. It seems someone missed the memo and posted an advert on eBay, selling replacement screens for the Moto G4. The eBay post is shipping from Hong Kong unsurprisingly. Lenovo closed down Motorola’s factories in the U.S after acquiring the manufacturer in 2014.

moto g4 screen

The post itself claims the panels are of “class A” quality, the standard quality phone repair services usually use. Red flags have been raised over this post as the panels on sale, do not add up with previous leaks. There is no hint of a fingerprint sensor at the bottom. It’s most likely someone has jumped the gun to try and make a quick buck, possibly to lure journalists and die hard fans to spend $69 (£47). But then the seller does have a positive eBay rating (99.3% positive) and a history of selling smartphone screens.

If you order today you can get the panel by May 20th, two days after the supposed announcement of the Moto G4. We contacted the seller oneby_tech, who guarantees the item is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part, high quality and reasonably priced. I think we’ll pass.

What to expect

The Moto G4 is expected to be the first G series phone to feature a fingerprint sensor with leaks revealing a front-facing sensor. Another likely rumour is Lenovo’s intention to release two versions of the Moto G4, with a phablet 5.5-inch G4 Plus, to please big phone fans.

Leaks are pointing to a 13-megapixel camera with 16-megapixel for the Moto G4 Plus. For the latest rumours on the Moto G4, check out our round-up/predictions.

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