Modelabs releases new Dior phone in blue sapphire crystal

Jonathan Morris
September 3, 2010

If you’re in the market for something exclusive, the latest Dior phone could be the ideal choice.

However, you’ll need to be the type of person that doesn’t get too concerned about the cost of things. At ‚¬5,500, with availability only through the finest watch and jewellery boutiques, this isn’t going to be appearing in the latest Carphone Warehouse buyer’s guide anytime soon. Nor are the other variants, which include versions with diamonds that will push up the price rather more drastically.

The Dior Phone, in whichever version you choose, is a combination of high fashion design from Dior, with technology provided by LG. Designed and handcrafted in France, the slimline clamshell design reflects Dior’s iconic design codes with ‘jewel-like finishing and stylistic references’. The phone has an electroluminescent keyboard and AM-OLED screen, plus crystal clear sound and quad-band connectivity for the true international jet-setter.

It might not be packed with features, but it will make you stand out in your social circles.

The innovation continues with My Dior, an accompaniment to the phone that is connected wirelessly by Bluetooth (with a range of 15 metres) that allows you to control key aspects of the phone – from initating calls to seeing who is calling on the mirrored OLED display, to accessing your personal directory. It can be attached by key ring to the outside of a handbag.

The Shanghai Blue in sapphire crystal variant, available from September, is inspired by the limited edition Dior phone only available in Shanghai, to celebrate the re-opening of the Dior store at Plaza 66.

The body of the phone as well as the inlaid marquetry within the 316L hand-brushed stainless steel grid is made of hand-chiselled pure sapphire crystal.

And, no, it doesn’t run Android OS.

More information: DIOR official website

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