Mobile gaming skyrockets in the last year according to research

Saf Malik
January 7, 2021

Toluna recorded some key findings with regards to mobile gaming

A study carried out by tech firm Toluna has revealed that mobile gaming has experienced a surge in popularity over the last year.

The company operates in the market research space and surveyed 1060 mobile gamers or people interested in mobile gaming, aged 16 to 45 in the UK.

Gaming has increased significantly in the last year and people in the UK have spent more time playing mobile games.

  • Some key findings include: 53 per cent of respondents are spending more time playing video games on their smartphone vs. 12 months ago
  • 52 per cent of people are playing more games on their video consoles and 50 per cent more on their handheld game consoles
  • 45 per cent of people are using their tablets more to play mobile games

The highest increase in smartphone and video game consoles users and mobile gamers now spend 80 minutes a day playing games via mobile devices.

  • The most popular mobile games to play in the UK are: Puzzles (49 per cent)
  • Trivia and word-based games (35 per cent)
  • Action games (35 per cent)
  • Simulation and management games (31 per cent)
  • Strategy games (31 per cent)

Harris Interactive (a Toluna company) research director Jonathan Shingler said: “Mobile gaming has exploded in the last 12 months as people across the UK have spent more time at home, and more time on mobile technology especially smartphones and video consoles.

It’s clear that people are prepared to pay to win when it comes to in-app mobile games, and also feel there’s a place for monetisation by game publishers – but only to a certain extent.

“We still don’t seem sold on subscription-based mobile gaming models, and downloaded games over streamed games are much preferred as some admit that they would rather pay to win a game than use their skill to win one.”

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