Microsoft Surface RT branding was confusing, company admits

Jamie Feltham
October 14, 2013

Microsoft has admitted to stumbling with the release of its Surface tablets last year. The reason? Confusion surrounding the Microsoft Surface RT model.

Surface product manager Jack Cowett has said as much to ARN. Cowett believes that the Surface RT branding, and the lack of an explanation as to what it meant, ultimately hurt the launch. Basically, the RT model wasn’t running Windows 8, but rather a stripped down version of it.

It won’t be a mistake the company makse with the upcoming Surface 2 series. “We think that there was some confusion in the market last year on the difference between Surface RT and Surface Pro,” Cowett noted. “We want to help make it easier for people, and these are two different products designed for two different people.”

Other companies have all but dropped the Windows RT OS, though Microsoft will be supporting it in the Surface 2. Let’s see how far the device gets without the confusing brand. Farewell, Microsoft Surface RT, we hardly knew ye.

Source: ARN via The Verge

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