Microsoft schedules Windows 9 event for 30th September, could be the end of Nokia and Windows Phone

Callum Tennent
September 16, 2014

Yesterday we revealed that Microsoft could be not only dropping the ‘Nokia’ brand name from its range of Lumia handsets, but also that it could be dropping the ‘Phone’ part from its Windows Phone mobile operating system.

We knew it was coming soon, we just didn’t know when – until now that is. Microsoft has officially scheduled a Windows 9 event for 30th September. Of course the news of a new iteration of Windows would ordinarily only be of relevance to the desktop world. But, when we combine this news with what we know about an upcoming Windows Phone rebrand, it’s not crazy to suspect that there could be some big news about to be revealed for Microsoft’s mobile users.

The next version of Windows Phone is widely expected to bridge the gap between Microsoft’s desktop and mobile OS’. It may not do a complete job of it, but it would at least go some way to remedy the current state – which is to say a desktop OS trying to be mobile friendly, and a mobile OS trying to be like a desktop, and not doing a terribly great job of either.

Windows Phone - Just Windows

The recent revelation of a new Windows Phone device with simply ‘Windows’ branding on the back (pictured above) goes some way to confirming our suspicions. Whatever happens, we should know for sure by the end of the month.


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