Microsoft gears up for Windows 10 Mobile with companion app

Thomas Wellburn
September 1, 2015

Microsoft has today released an application to help smartphone users make the jump to Windows 10 Mobile.

One of the recent talking points regarding Windows 10 mobile has been the apparent lack of space on low-end devices, which means many of them are unable to upgrade to the upcoming operating system. Windows 10 Mobile requires a minimum of 8GB storage space in order to install, which has left many frustrated at the fact they may not have room for the substantial update.



Microsoft has acknowledged these concerns and released an application called UpdateAdvisor, which will verify if there is enough space to install the upcoming OS. If the app finds users to be low on memory, it will then offer ways to free up some space, such as moving media content to OneDrive or a microSD card.

While the application is nothing flashy, it’s a sure-fire sign that Windows 10 Mobile isn’t too far around the corner. With the OS expected to debut at the end of October, there’s not long left to wait any more. If you’re the impatient kind then you could always check out the Developer Preview, which has come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of months.

For more on Microsoft, visit What Mobile’s dedicated Microsoft page. 

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