Microsoft Edge will get AdBlock, Amazon, Evernote and more in 2016

Thomas Wellburn
March 18, 2016

Windows 10 users will soon be able to use a host of the most popular Chrome and Firefox plugins such as AdBlock, when the browser finally gets updated to support extensions.

Microsoft addressed during a blog post that they had officially shipped a preview version of the build which supports the new features, while a consumer version would be arriving shortly after. The preview build will not directly run the extensions initially, they will in fact be side-loaded so developers have a better chance to test them and fish for bugs.

Microsoft stated in the blog post:

“Since the beginning of the Microsoft Edge project, our roadmap has always included extensions in order to support a vibrant community of developer innovation on top of the browser, enabling new and interesting scenarios for our customers. As we have also shared, one of our highest priorities is to ensure that Microsoft Edge is the safest, most reliable and fastest browser we could build, and our experience over the past 20 years has taught us that poorly written or even malicious add-ons were a huge source of security, reliability and performance issues for browsers.”

The final Edge browser with extensions will probably be included in the first feature update coming to Windows 10 users sometime in June. For those wanting the preview version, you’ll need to sign up to be a Windows Insider.

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