Met Police cracking down on phone theft, 10,000 stolen a month

Jordan O'Brien
October 23, 2013

We all have a smartphone these days, but as more and more of us get one, the likelihood increases that you’ll get that phone stolen. If you’re in London, that likelihood has increased a whopping 12% over the past year, with over 10,000 phones stolen each and every month in the city.

To combat this incredibly rise in thefts, the Met Police has launched an initiative to crackdown on the number stolen, with more than 5,000 police officers taking part. This isn’t the first time the Met Police has done this, with previous days of action seeing around 1,700 arrests.

According to the latest figures, men are more likely to be robbed whilst women are targeted by the more cunning thieves, who try not to get caught. People aged 20 to 30 also seem to be prime targets for the mobile phone thief.

Source: BBC

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