A market leading motorised wall mount, now seamlessly integrated with Loewe TVs.

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February 16, 2019

Loewe has expanded its portfolio of innovative and smart AV solutions in cooperation with Vogel’s, the market leader in TV, audio and multimedia device mounting systems. Having previously previewed the design at IFA 2018, Loewe and Vogel’s has now announced the availability of an exclusive collaboration which fully integrates the operation of Vogel’s motion mount with Loewe’s user interface, allowing for seamless control of the motorised wall mount using the Loewe TV remote control.

Now available with the latest firmware upgrade, Loewe TVs can benefit from superb integration with Vogel’s premium motorised TV wall mounting solution NEXT 7355. Switch on the TV, and the wall mount automatically moves forward and swivels into its last position for the perfect viewing angle. When switched off, the TV retreats silently to become flat to the wall, for a neat and tidy solution. Multiple convenient pre-sets are also available so you can tweak the set-up to watch television from a range of locations, be it the kitchen, sofa, dining area, etc… In fact, you can program up to 10 positions in advance, and select your viewing location via the Loewe TV menu. Your TV will then automatically angle itself to the perfect viewing position. Of course, there is also intuitive manual operation using the Loewe TV remote control, too.

Vogel’s Motion Mount NEXT 7355 is exceptionally well made, with a great looking design to perfectly complement Loewe TVs. It’s compatible with screen sizes from 40” to 65”, and offers 120-degree swivel with movement out from the wall of up to 72cm. Everyone loves a motorised mount solution and thanks to this joint development, it’s never been easier both to integrate and to operate a Loewe TV with a motorised mechanism. The wall mount and TV act as a single integrated unit, so Loewe customers can enjoy the finest picture quality and audio together with a beautifully smooth and simple motorised operation.

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