Limited Edition OnePlus 5 Announced Alongside Accessories

Thomas Wellburn
September 20, 2017

OnePlus has partnered with world-renowned fashion designer Charles de Castelbajac on a newly designed version of the OnePlus 5, alongside other fashion accessories.

Castelbajac has worked with several high-profile celebrity figures including Madonna and M.I.A. The designer was with OnePlus in Paris to promote the launch of a OnePlus ‘Callection’, a new fashion line in partnership with the Chinese smartphone brand. The€‹ €‹exclusive€‹ €‹”Callection” is €‹made€‹ €‹up€‹ €‹of holsters,€‹ €‹bags,€‹ €‹caps and €‹t-shirts, plus a€‹ €‹limited-edition€‹ €‹OnePlus€‹ €‹5 handset.

The€‹ €‹exclusive€‹ €‹Castelbajac€‹ €‹inspired€‹ €‹OnePlus€‹ €‹5€‹ €‹device,€‹ €‹with€‹ €‹8GB€‹ €‹RAM,€‹ €‹128GB€‹ €‹storage€‹ €‹and€‹ €‹a dual€‹ €‹camera,€‹ €‹will€‹ €‹be€‹ €‹available€‹ €‹to€‹ €‹buy€‹ €‹in€‹ €‹Europe€‹ €‹from€‹ €‹October€‹ €‹2€‹nd€‹€‹ €‹online€‹ €‹at€‹ €‹€‹ €‹for€‹ €‹‚¬559 EUR€‹ €‹/€‹ €‹£499€‹ €‹GBP.

“We’re€‹ €‹always€‹ €‹looking€‹ €‹to€‹ €‹try€‹ €‹new€‹ €‹things€‹ €‹with€‹ €‹partners€‹ €‹who€‹ €‹embody€‹ €‹the€‹ €‹Never€‹ €‹Settle€‹ €‹spirit,”€‹ €‹said OnePlus€‹ €‹co-founder€‹ €‹and€‹ €‹Head€‹ €‹of€‹ €‹Global,€‹ €‹Carl€‹ €‹Pei.€‹ €‹”It’s€‹ €‹been€‹ €‹great€‹ €‹collaborating€‹ €‹with€‹ €‹an€‹ €‹icon€‹ €‹like Jean-Charles€‹ €‹Castelbajac,€‹ €‹who€‹ €‹is€‹ €‹continuously€‹ €‹bringing€‹ €‹game-changing€‹ €‹ideas€‹ €‹to€‹ €‹the€‹ €‹fashion industry.”

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