Limbo launches on iOS, dark and moody as ever

Jordan O'Brien
July 4, 2013

If you haven’t heard of the side-scrolling indie game Limbo, then you must have been living under a rock, as this charmingly dark and moody game has captured the imagination of millions of gamers ever since it launched on Xbox 360 Arcade in 2010.

Since then the game has gone on to other pastures, launching on Playstation 3, Windows, Mac OS X, OnLive, Playstation Vita and as of yesterday, iOS.

Dino Patti, the CEO of indie developer Playdead, tweeted the announcement with the link to the game in the iTunes store, which currently costs £4.99 — a reasonable price given its early reviews range from “Outstanding” to “Extremely well done.”

The story of the game follows a young boy who is searching for his sister in the dark monochromatic world that is limbo.

Launch platforms on iOS include iPhone 4 and above, as well as all versions of the iPad — which means no matter the size of your screen, you can enjoy this game over and over.

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