LG V30 Praised by Game of Thrones Cinematographer After Shooting Homemade Film

Thomas Wellburn
September 26, 2017

The LG V30 continues to garner praise as a serious enthusiast device for recording video and now has the stamp of approval from GoT director Dave Franco.

The LG V30 is just starting its global rollout across the world and already, first impressions are good. Critics are hailing its design, performance and photo/video quality. Being a V series device, video is one area where the handset needs to excel. So who better to push its prowess than Game of Thrones director of cinematography, Dave Franco.

In an interview with Adweek, the director demonstrated a video showing his time with the upcoming handset. Dubbed “day in the life”, it shows Franco out and about in London. The video is a good test of the V30s capabilities in various conditions and has a bit of everything. Dave Franco never commented on if he used the LOG format, however judging by the dynamic range and detail retention in some of the clips, we can assume he has. Other shots demonstrate the various live filters which can be applied while recording, which help to completely change the tone of a scene.

Adweek asked Franco why he decided to partner with LG for the company’s new handset: “When I’m location scouting, I rarely carry a DSLR nowadays. I use my smartphone to quickly document everything. It helps me with numerous applications that take proper measurement of the exact positioning of the sun, ocean, skyline, etc., at a given date.

I really need a phone that doesn’t just have an easy-to-use camera, but also one with amazing quality for my photos and videos. That’s why I partnered with LG to launch the new V30 smartphone, which was designed specifically for cinematic videography.”

“Day in the life” is not an embedded video, however you can hit the link here to watch it for yourself.

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