LG V30 Now Available in South Korea… And it’s Expensive

Thomas Wellburn
September 20, 2017

The LG V30 has today launched in South Korea for a price equivalent to $840 dollars, putting it on a par with the Galaxy Note 8.

The electronics giant confirmed today that the handset would start rolling out to its native market, with Europe and the USA expected in the coming weeks. The device will come in two versions. The standard 64GB LG V30 will retail for $840, while the 128GB V30 Plus will be available for $885. This is a pretty hefty price which puts it very close to the Galaxy Note 8. While the latter handset is slightly more expensive, it’s clear evidence that LG is pushing the handset primarily at the ultra premium end of the market.

When you look at the technology on board, it’s no surprise. The device features a 6-inch edge-to-edge display, with a 2:1 form factor which is the norm for all current flagships. Inside is a Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB RAM, while the entire device is also IP68 water and dust resistant. The dual-sensor rear camera is of particular interest on the LG V30, as it incorporates a wide-angle lens in addition to a standard shooter. It features the world’s first f/1.6 aperture on a smartphone camera, which should really help with low-light photography. The sensor is also equipped with 10-bit HDR processing, another world first. This allows the handset to capture over a billion colours, more than any other device on the market.

Other notable features include a Quad-DAC, which has become a standout USP on the V series devices. This little chip allows much better processing of audio through the headphone jack, meaning clearer music and the ability to drive high-end headphones.

It will be available in four colors – Morokan Blue, Cloud Silver, Aurora Black. A new Lavender Violet option will debut in October. While the price will make some people balk, it’s still cheaper than the equivalent Note 8. Judging on the Korean price, we expect the UK version to debut at roughly £799, which will make it about £70 cheaper than the Note 8. For those who don’t care about the Samsung brand but still want a large screen, edge-to-edge device, they could be onto a winner.

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