LG to launch wristwatch phone; GD910

Jonathan Morris
January 2, 2009

LG isn’t first to produce a phone watch, there are plenty of cheap and nasty looking models on sites like

Austin Modine of The Register posted that the GD910 watch phone will be the first of its kind to be marketed in Europe officially, although the release date is unknown.

The watch will come with a 1.43-inch (3.63cm) screen that is used as a keypad for making calls, or supposedly fiddling with the Internet (surely not?). It also has a camera and speaker for video calls and taking still photographs. The GD910 will be able to play MP3s, work with Bluetooth (so you can use a headset and not look like a fool talking into the watch). That said, it does have a speaker phone facility, for anyone old enough to remember Dick Tracy comic strips, or the awful 1990 movie with Warren Beatty. Yes, you too could be Dick Tracy, while walking down the street or sitting on a bus!

Finally, the inevitable joke; yes, it will also tell the time. Haha!

More info: The Register


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