LG survey: The Community is Dead, Long Live the Community

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December 2, 2009

From the press release:

The traditional definition of community has changed as 58% of people agree that the days of sharing a cuppa over the garden fence is gradually being replaced by a new sense of online community spirit, a recent survey from LG has revealed.
The research from LG, a global leader and technology innovator in mobile communications, shows that there is a clear shift from how local communities were developed in the past as we are no longer bound by a postcode which the traditional approach to society suggested. The two major factors to this are the lack of meeting places where people can socialize and the busy lives that people lead which significantly cuts down the time to meet people. This has led to just 27% of us being good friends with our neighbours, whilst 8% don’t know a thing about the people living a stone’s throw away from them. And with 52 British pubs closing every week we have started to look further afield for meeting points and communal locations.*
It seems that these new, more flexible communities which don’t require you to travel to meet people and which are there at any time, may be the answer for many of us. With 41 per cent of people saying they use technology to create new communities and three in four people under 30 admitting to frequently using social networking sites to catch up with friends and family, online communities seem to be our future.

“Being part of a community is important in maintaining emotional wellbeing, and having a supportive group of friends and family around you helps give you those life’s good moments – and this research clearly supports this.  People are still looking for a ‘group’ to belong to and talk with, but the perception of a community has changed as people look beyond their local street to find new relationships.”  Comments John Barton, sales and marketing director LG Mobile UK & Ireland explaining why LG undertook the research.  “People are forming online communities, fitting with their demanding lifestyle and busy schedule – and the advent of social networking on mobile phones has made this even more popular and accessible.”
In conjunction with this research, LG have brought together all of their social networking optimised devices under a new name: the LG InTouch Series. The LG InTouch Series allows users to access all communication methods which makes connecting to a community and expanding your social life a cinch. These include favourite social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace, emails both personal and business, or SMS and IM.
Part of the LG InTouch Series are the LG InTouch (LG-KS360) and LG InTouch Plus (LG-GW520) which both offer slide out QWERTY keypads for quick and easy messaging.  The LG InTouch Lite (LG GW300) brings a fresh form factor to its line-up of handsets with a full QWERTY keypad, 2.4” landscape display and a five-way navigational pad for simple browsing whilst the much anticipated LG InTouch Max (LG-GW620) will become available early in 2010 with further details to be announced.
*Research carried out by the British Beer and Pub Association 22.07.09


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