LG introduces Optimus Sol with ‘Ultra AMOLED’ display

Jonathan Morris
August 22, 2011

Having seen the sun return to our fair shores, being able to see what’s on our phone display can be a bit of a mission. LG has already given us the super-bright Optimus Black, but has now added the Optimus Sol that can reduce battery consumption while keeping enhanced sunlight readability.

The Optimus Sol, which is just 9.8mm thick and comes with a 1GHz single-core processor, uses what LG calls an ‘enhanced idle-based power management system’ that can boost battery life by 20-30%. When you select the Dark user interface, the phone uses less white light to extend the battery performance.

This is down to the use of it’s 3.8-inch ‘Ultra AMOLED display’. OLED displays only use power where pixels are lit up, so the more black on a screen – the less power is consumed.

The Optimus Sol ships with Android 2.3 and the phone includes a 5-megapixel camera, with autofocus, as well as supporting DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct.

It will be available in Europe from mid-September, before being rolled out in Central and South America. Colour options will include black, titan and white (depending on region). Unfortunately, we’re not sure what colour ‘titan’ is; perhaps it’s the colour of a bronzed warrior, or possibly an American prophylactic…


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