LG & DLNA: A new era of entertainment sharing

Jonathan Morris
September 6, 2010

LG is joining the wireless media sharing revolution by announcing DLNA support on its upcoming LG Optimus 7 handset and other devices.

The first handset, the Optimus 7, will be LG’s first Windows Phone 7 series handset. With its multimedia sharing technology, supporting DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), users will be able to enjoy content on the phone that is accessed from a number of different devices – as well as sharing content on the phone with other devices, including televisions and computers.

The phone will automatically show compatible devices available on the same Wi-Fi router, and can include HD video (720p), high-resolution photographs and music.

The LG Optimus 7 will be released in Q4. There are currently over 240 consumer electronics brands that have adopted DLNA technology.

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