Lenovo ZUK Z1 international release date confirmed

Thomas Wellburn
August 21, 2015

Lenovo has today announced that the ZUK Z1 will be arriving in international markets starting from ‘mid-October’.

You may remember yesterday when we ran an article on the Chinese Lenovo ZUK and it’s impending release overseas as the ZUK Z1 variant. This little flagship killer could be a big hit if it gets priced effectively, with lucrative specifications which should be just enough to run Android to its fullest. Sure, it won’t match the Snapdragon 810’s and 820’s but it’s still a very fast phone that should be more than enough for most people.

Lenovo said that they would be announcing the international release date today and now we finally have confirmation on when we can expect it. The company say the device will be available ‘mid-October’, which is a little vague and anti-climactic. They also never clarified on what constitutes an international release, though we’re hoping Europe is on the list.

The cost of the device in China currently stands at about £180, which is very cheap for an upper tier device such as this. If it comes to the UK, it’s likely to cost a little bit more. We’d estimate around £250-300 if it hits our shores, which puts it in-line with the OnePlus 2. If they somehow undercut it, this could turn out to be quite the underdog.

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