Lenovo Miix 10.1-inch Windows 8 Tablet goes on-sale in the US

Jordan O'Brien
August 8, 2013

Lenovo is taking aim at the lower-end of the tablet market, with the Lenovo Miix, a Windows tablet running the full version of Windows 8 rather than RT.

This may not be the first time you’ve heard of the Lenovo Miix, with it initially being unveiled in June, but it’s finally gone up for order in the states.

The Lenovo Miix isn’t the first tablet to do this, with Acer taking aim at the lower-end of the market with the Iconia W3. This is however a lot better specced than the Iconia W3.

First off you have a 10.1-inch touchscreen capable of a resolution of 1,366×768 — which isn’t bad for a tablet in this price range, managing to push out 720p HD content.

The internals aren’t the best, even for its price range, with a 1.8Ghz Intel Atom processor, Intel HD graphics, 2GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD. This may be a disappointment for many, but it should be enough to run Windows 8 — without having to sacrifice for an RT-based system.

To make up for the lack of impressive internal specs, the Lenovo Miix features a plethora of ports including a Micro-HDMI connector, a MicroSD card slot as well as a Micro-USB port. We would like to have seen a full sized USB slot.

The camera also isn’t that impressive, with it being capable of just 1-megapixel snapshots, although you should be able to get 10 hours worth of battery life out of a single charge with the 2-cell battery.

Your standard WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 are all featured in the Lenovo Miix, which does have another trick up its sleeve. Whilst it was designed as a Windows 8 tablet, it is also a convertible with a “quick flip” AccuType keyboard converting the tablet experience into a notebook. Unlike the Yogapad, you don’t have to keep the keyboard connected, so you can just detach it and use it as a normal tablet.

Pricing starts at $599.99 and will start shipping August 28 in the states.

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