Lenovo looking to buy HTC?

Jamie Feltham
October 9, 2013

It’s quite possible that you’re familiar with the HTC brand much more than you are Lenovo, although both are big companies. The latter produces the likes of tablets and laptops, but its phone business is currently more popular in its home territory of China. The company could be looking to span into the West with a rumoured buyout of HTC.

Apparently Lenovo has been in talks to purchase the Taiwanese manufacturer. It’s only a rumour, but executives from both companies were reportedly meeting throughout August. Given that HTC is currently in a sticky spot, having just posted a huge quarterly loss. If it’s true and talks are successful, then we could see something being announced in the first half of 2014. This could be a deal that saves the HTC smartphones, not that we’re expecting the brand to be any immediate issues from the last quarter.

Lenovo is currently on top when it comes to laptops. Could this move bring it to the forefront of the market?

Source: Phone Arena

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