Lenovo enlists Ashton Kutcher as product engineer

Jordan O'Brien
October 30, 2013

There’s no denying that Ashton Kutcher is the ultimate geek, after all he plays a billionaire CEO of a technology company in Two and a Half Men and has even played the visionary that is the late Steve Jobs. Now however, Ashton Kutcher is taking on a very different role, as a product engineer at Lenovo.

The actor may not be the best qualified for the job, but he did study biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa, so at least he’s got half the position in the name of his degree. Of course Kutcher is likely to be more than just a face for Lenovo though, with the star being very tech savvy through his investmetns in Skype, Airbnb, and Path.

According to Lenovo, Kutcher’s job will be to “develop and market” its Yoga line of Windows 8, Windows RT, and Android convertible tablets, by working with Lenovo’s existing engineering teams to come up with several ideas for design, specifications, software, and usage scenarios.

Kutcher isn’t the first celebrity to be exploited by a tech firm, with Jessica Alba lending a hand to Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Alicia Keys being given the position of “Creative Director” at BlackBerry.

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