Lenovo drops Moto X, switches to Moto Z

Manny Pham
May 18, 2016

Lenovo are reportedly dropping the Moto X branding and debuting a rebrand to Moto Z for their new modular Moto devices.

We’re expecting Lenovo to drop a new set of phones for us to play around with, after a sufficient cooling period of course, the Moto G range was just announced yesterday. When the new Moto devices do make an official appearance, the ‘X’ factor might be missing. You’ll be glad to know I’m not referring to what makes the Moto X range so desirable, rather the ‘X’ in name is reportedly being dropped according to VentureBeat.

The Moto X range will be rebranded as Moto Z, an upgrade in the alphabetical order (bypassing Y possibly for marketing purposes). It looks like Lenovo and Sony had a little game of ‘swapsies,’ a game where two people trade phones drunkenly, but both manufacturers are making it meta by trading branding letters. Sony has rebranded with the release of the Xperia XA Ultra, dropping the Xperia Z moniker. It seems Lenovo are keeping their promise of retaining the Moto name, all will be clear in the official launch expected next month.

HTC has also recently rebranded dropping ‘One’ in their branding of the HTC 10. ‘One’ was used in HTC’s branding since the HTC One X in 2012.

VentureBeat’s latest report also clarifies modular accessories for the new Moto Z range. The modular accessories will be branded as ‘MotoMods’ rather than ‘Amp’ as previously reported. We can expect pico projector, stereo speakers, and premium camera grip with optical zoom lens for the ‘MotoMods.’

We’re expecting Lenovo to reveal all at the Lenovo Tech World event in San Francisco, on June 9.

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