KnowRoaming’s international SIM stickers dispatched to first 500 backers

Callum Tennent
February 6, 2014

KnowRoaming’s kickstarted international SIM stickers have now been shipped to its first 500 backers.

The product is designed to help travellers better understand roaming fees, as well as dramatically reduce them. Customers need only apply the small sticker to their SIM card using the bundled applicator and download the KnowRoaming app. Once abroad the sticker activates, automatically switching the user’s network to a local partner.

Users can also check call rates and SMS fees for any country they like before travelling. Whilst on the go they can check how much they’ve spent, and even top up.

The product only costs $35 (~ £21), meaning that it could even pay for itself within your first trip – roaming cost reductions of up to 85% can be obtained. KnowRoaming has raised over $100,000 in pre-sales, with sales to reopen within the coming months. Roughly 25 batches are being dispatched daily, so every backer should have their product within the coming days.

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