iPhone 5s gold least popular colour, iPhone 5c yellow also

Jordan O'Brien
October 31, 2013

Despite the difficulty in getting the gold iPhone 5s, it may be the least popular colour for the iPhone 5s, at least that’s according to one US consumer study performed by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

According to the company’s research just 27 per cent of people buying the iPhone 5s bothered to pick up a gold version, with the space grey model making up for most of the total sales, at 43 per cent. Rounding out the numbers is the silver model which made up 30 per cent of sales.

Of course this could all be down to the limited production of the iPhone 5s in gold, with levels only just reaching a point where you can walk into stores and picking one up — meaning anyone desperate for an iPhone 5s had to take what they were given.

Things for the iPhone 5c can’t be explained away though, with the yellow hue proving to be the least popular — selling just seven per cent of all iPhone 5c models. We have a yellow iPhone 5c here in the What Mobile office, and it’s not quite as bright as we expected it to be, being a little understated. Other models of the iPhone 5c have fared a little better, with the pink, blue, green and white models all garnering over 20 per cent of 5c sales each.

Of course these aren’t official figures from Apple, who has refused to breakdown the exact figures, so it might not all be clear cut after all.

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