iPhone 11 Range Launch!

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September 10, 2019

The iPhone 11 was revealed at Apple’s event in California today.

Apple has introduced the iPhone 11 to which comes in a range of colours but at an affordable price.

The price is $699/ £566 which is a lot cheaper compared to when the iPhone X landed at £1000. 

As mentioned the iPhone 11 comes in 6 colours: Green, Lavender, Black, White, Red & Yellow. For those who may have noticed the new Apple logo is made up of these colours. 

The iPhone 11 will be the same size as the iPhone XR and comes with a 6.1- inch display and Apple continue to use the LCD screen, however, they have introduced the new shatter-proof technology in both the screen and the back glass. This means if you use the phone without a case you still have some protection.

The Camera is where Apple has brought in the changes with the new square shape on the top left and now with 2 lenses. The Lenses are 12 megapixels each and have a wide-angle lens plus an ultra-wide lens.

The iPhone 11 also has a front-facing camera that is perfect for these selfie fans as you get a 12-megapixel front camera.

So the battery life it gives you an hour more then what you get with the iPhone XR and Apple has decided to keep the lightning port for charging. Other features on the iPhone 11 are better facial recognition and will support WiFi 6. Apple will also bring you IOS 13 to enjoy. 

James Brown, director, smartphone and gadget insurer, comments:

“Gadget fans will have been in raptures as Apple announced the iPhone 11, plus a new iPad and Apple Watch.

“As expected, Apple introduced three versions of the iPhone 11: the basic model plus the ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’ alternatives.

“Exciting additions include ‘spatial audio’ for watching video, which is like surround sound for your iPhone. Plus the iPhone camera set-up gets a much-needed boost.

“The basic model has wide and ultra-wide lenses, allowing photographers to take snaps with a 120-degree view. But the addition of a telephoto lens that offers a 4x optical zoom is limited to the two ‘Pro’ models.

“And selfie fans have a new tool: the ‘slofie’, which is what Apple is labelling its new slow-motion front-facing video camera. Expect to see a million ‘slofies’ to pop up on Instagram on the day the iPhone launches.

“For Apple, this is an iPhone of best-evers: the highest quality video in a smartphone ever; the fastest processors in a smartphone ever; and the longest-lasting battery in a smartphone ever.

“The iPhone 11 is pushing the technical boundaries of what smartphones can do, and that should more than makeup for the lack of any hyper innovative features, such as we saw from Samsung’s relaunched Galaxy Fold this week.”

The iPhone 11 is available from the 20th September but pre-orders can be made from this Friday 13th September. As of this post, the iPhone 11 will be available from O2, Three, Vodafone and all the major places you come to expect.

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