iPad 2 gets full network, retail and accessory support

Jonathan Morris
March 3, 2011

As soon as Apple finished presenting the iPad 2, our inbox quickly filled up with emails from everyone keen to announce their involvement. In the case of the iPad 2, it’s safe to say that everyone involved with the first iPad is firmly backing the iPad 2.

Apple will continue to sell the original at a reduced rate until stocks are fully depleted, with the new model hitting the shelves on March 25th.

Everything Everywhere has officially confirmed that Orange and T-Mobile will be stocking the iPad 2, but hasn’t given pricing. We suspect this is because Apple hasn’t allowed them to give that information yet, but we know that we will be getting the same emails from everyone else between now and release day.

Rather than look for a new story for each new announcement, take it from us that anyone selling the iPad 1 will be selling the iPad 2. What we can’t say is whether every network will be selling the iPad 2 in both colours, or will opt to choose one or the other.

When it comes to accessories, if the Smart Covers aren’t exciting enough, there will be plenty of options available from the third-parties within days, or even hours, of the release.

Proporta has range of cases, starting at £19.95 for the Maya II case and rising to £59.99 for an aluminium lined leather case, plus screen protectors for £14.95 that feature an anti-bacterial coating.

Logic-3 has the £59.99 i-Station Base that fits both the iPad 1 and iPad 2 models, with a unique cable management system that lets you view iPad content in portrait or landscape modes without making a mess, plus an  app that turns the iPad into a clock (with world times), calendar, weather station or alarm when docked.

Australian accessory maker Cygnett already has a range of iPad 2 cases ready to go, each retailing for £34.95, including Lavish, Lavish Earth, Glam and Armour. Each offers unobscured access to all buttons and the screen, full protection for your iPad and a clever folding design that doubles up as a stand at different angles.

Finally, Griffin has promised a range of cases, chargers and iPad related accessories will be announced soon.

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