iOS 9’s most needed feature – a lowercase keyboard – is here

Alex Yau
June 10, 2015

Of all the announcements being made at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the news that iOS 9 finally has a lowercase keyboard is one of the most welcome ones.

This means the keyboard will show lowercase letters when you’re typing in lower case and uppercase letters when you’re tying in upper case. Until now, all letters on the iPhone keyboard were uppercase at all times.

Android keyboards have alternated between uppercase and lowercase for years, making Apple’s update a much overdue one. Users can now tell whether they’re typing in upper or lowercase without having to check the shift key.

Before iOS 9

Before iOS 7, the keyboard’s shift key was highlighted in blue to indicate that the keyboard was in uppercase. Apple changed that the a monochromatic highlight, which was a little more ambiguous.

Other iOS 9 features

Siri has also been made much more intuitive and operates similarly to Google Now. It is context-aware and will proactively make suggestions even before you ask. Asking Siri to find certain photos from a date or time will prompt it to track down the relevant images. A new search interface also provides Google Now-like suggestions using contact information, breaking news and apps based on information from your calendar and the time of day.

The caller ID has also been improved and iOS 9 will give suggestions based on a caller’s identity based on unsaved numbers. Reminders are also getting better integration with the iPhone’s calendar. iOS 9 automatically fetches reminders when its time to head to an appointment, with suggestions being provided based upon information from your emails.

Are you happy that Apple has finally made this update with iOS 9? What other updates do you think Apple needs to make? 

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