Instagram video will get view counter

Thomas Wellburn
February 12, 2016

Instagram is at last bringing a view counter to its videos.

While Instagram is still primarily a place for photo’s, it’s quite obvious that the company has its sights set on expanding beyond their traditional photography mantra. Since Facebook acquired the company back in 2012, monetisation of the app through ad-based services has become commonplace. Sponsored posts now clutter our feeds and it seems that videos will soon be the latest to undergo an adjustment for pleasing the ad companies. Until now, there has been no way to track video views, an omission that makes it very unappealing for marketing companies who want to track and manage how may hits their posts receive.

That’s set to change, with Instagram set to introduce a view counter as a way of luring more advertisers to the platform. Videos will count as a view after being viewed for at least 3 seconds; this is the same method as what Facebook currently implements. It’s much more lenient than YouTube’s 30 second minimum, but it’s also worth noting that Instagram video clips have a max length of only 15 seconds.

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