Instagram rolling out major update today, with a host of new editing tools

Saqib Shah
June 4, 2014

Popular image and video sharing service Instagram is rolling out a major update today to its Android and iOS apps with a ton of new creative tools.

With new image filtering and editing apps popping up   everyday, the new update aims to give Instagram users “everything they need” from a photo-editing perspective, directly from within the app.

Now when you select a filter, you’ll see a new wrench icon which you tap to reveal a tray of photo-editing tools.

You’ll be able to tweak your handiwork with Adjust and Vignette, as well as fine-tune the colours with Warmth, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows.

While you make these changes, you can tap and hold down on your photo to see the “before” image; when you let go, the picture snaps back to the edited version.

Instagram update

Additionally, you can now double-tap on filters to adjust the filter strength, and  Sharpen up your photos to make them a little more clear.

The new app also allows you to customise Instagram’s standard filters. If, for instance, you’ve always liked the look of the Sutro filter, but found its effects a tad too strong, you can now reduce its “strength” to just a fraction of its default look.

Both app updates are live now.


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