Infinity Blade III announced alongside iPhone 5s

Jamie Feltham
September 11, 2013

Epic Games’ Infinity Blade franchise has been a good friend to Apple’s iDevices, usually proving to be a technical powerhouse on whichever new phone the company happens to be releasing. With that in mind, it was of little surprise to anyone when the company took to the stage of Apple’s iPhone 5s reveal last night to announce the conclusion to the series’ main trilogy – Infinity Blade III.

Developer Chair Entertainment is once again developing, aiming to release the game alongside the launch of iOS7 on September 18th at a price of $6.99 (UK price tbc). Traditionally a fantasy title, this latest addition to the series will start to incorporate some sci-fi elements to both the story and gameplay. Given its new home on the 5s, it’s set to look better than ever while Chair is looking to greatly expand upon the scale with a game around eight times the size of the original. Two playable characters will be on offer, each with three unique fighting styles. The combat itself has evolved to include a dynamic system in which weapons can break and enemies will adapt to any given situation.

Outside of action, there’s a new mode that lets you recruit up to four allies to help expand your inventory and level up your weapons. Each ally will have a different class that’s catered to helping you in a specific way. Multiplayer will also be included with two different modes; one that sees players working together to defeat armies and another where they’ll compete on a scoreboard. It even has a story penned by New York Times bestseller Brandon Sanderson. In short, expect the series to go out in style with a full-blown action game.

Expect this to be the final game in the main series, although off-shoots like Infinity Blade Dungeons may still be on the cards.

Source: Eurogamer

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