Indian iPhone 6s comes with 10W charger

Manny Pham
October 19, 2015

Indian consumers received 10W chargers with their iPhone 6s and 6s Plus instead of 5W. 

Apple finally launched the iPhone 6s in India last week and it seems the wait was worth it. For the rest of the world Apple launched their new smartphone with the usual 5W charger, and iPads are packed with a 12W charger.

There have been apprehensions from consumers in the past, in regards to charging their iPhones with a more powerful charger, like the iPad’s 10W charger. Which is something to not be concerned about at all, considering Apple’s dedication to ensuring seamless synergy between its products.

The iPhone 6s has a small 1715 mAh battery and with the 10W charger, Indian consumers can enjoy shorter charge periods. UK consumers can enjoy this luxury too, and better, by buying the 12W charger available on Apple’s website and in-store.

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Via GSMarena.

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