Increase the rings before calls go to voicemail

Jonathan Morris
July 29, 2009

In most cases, you can extend the time for a call to be diverted to your voicemail service – giving you a better chance of answering!

Some network operators seem to think that 15 seconds is ample time for your phone to ring before it bumps the caller to voicemail.

You can nearly always change this, using standard GSM standard codes.

To enter, you’ll need to be on the standby screen.

  1. First you need to know what your voicemail number is. This is because you’re going to need to enter it again when you use the divert code. To find out, enter *#61# and press Send (or the green key). Write the number down. If your phone displays a series of numbers (line two, fax etc) then you can specify voice only by entering *#61*11# and Sendinstead.
  2. Now you have your voicemail number, you can choose how many seconds you want to pass before your call is diverted. The minimum is 15 seconds and the maximum is 60 seconds – usually in 5 or 15 second increments, although some networks won’t allow more than 30 or 45 seconds. We recommend you use 30 seconds.
  3. To set your voicemail divert to happen after 30 seconds, enter **61*(your voicemail number)*11*30# and Send. Your voicemail number should be entered in international format, so 07973100123 (the number for Orange voicemail) would be +447973100123. The 11 refers to voice calls and the 30 is the number of seconds. So, an Orange user would enter the following:**61*+447973100123*11*30# and Send.
  4. If you don’t get an error message (which will happen if you’ve entered the sequence incorrectly, or the divert time has been refused because it is too long) then you can either check the divert is active (step 1) or simply call yourself and see how long it takes to divert!

Other codes (replacing 11) include: 13 (fax), 12 (data), 16(SMS) and 89 (line two). So, for an Orange user with the Line Two facility, changing the divert time would be**61*+447973100123*89*30# and Send.

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