Impossibly hard running simulator, QWOP, comes to Google Play

Jordan O'Brien
July 4, 2013

If you’ve ever heard of QWOP, then you’ve probably played it and screamed at your computer screen. Well no more, as Noodlecake Studios is bringing this frustrating game to your mobile screen, giving you the ability to scream and shout at your tablet or phone anywhere you like, whether it be on a train, a bus or even in the middle of a meeting.

Of course it’s not the only mobile screen QWOP is available on, with the iOS version launching two years ago, but this is Android’s first taste of the game.

QWOP is a game which users take control of a “local sporting hero” who has been sent to take part in a competition in the scandinavian alps, but due to lack of training and the cold temperatures, can’t quite run properly — so that’s where you come in.

Whilst the game started out as controlling the legs and arms of your runner  using the QWOP keys on your keyboard, these have now been translated into on-screen keys for controlling the legs, and the device’s accelerometer for leaning.

Be warned though, you’ll be doing less controlling and more scooting across the ground, as the controls of this game are particularly difficult.

Luckily though, you can share your success, or in this case failure, to your friends on Google+ thanks to integration with Google Play Game Services.

The game is available now on the Google Play Store for just 62p.


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