ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 game review

Chris James
March 16, 2011

With every major sporting tournament comes the inevitable major sporting tournament tie-in. In this case it’s the Cricket World Cup that’s on the receiving end of Glu’s delivery, just a month after the company bowled The Ashes at mobile gamers.

And would you believe it – it’s the same game! Sure, the teams are different in that they encompass all 14 nations rather than just the two and the structure of the one-day tournament follows the real-life event’s example, but anyone who’s already played The Ashes will certainly feel a little short-changed.

Those that haven’t though will find one of the best interpretations of the gentleman’s game waiting for them, with a great degree of flexibility and an approachable batting system.

ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 doesn’t have a bad innings then, but it’s shots are lacking inspiration.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Platform Java

Price £5

From All operators

Publisher Glu

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