Huawei P9 might have a massive 6GB of RAM

Manny Pham
January 4, 2016

It’s 2016 and fresh rumours are rolling off the conveyor belt; the Huawei P9 is rumoured to sport 6GB of RAM. 

It was bound to happen, standards from a specs point of view was always going to increase and this leak is proving it. Current flagship devices on average have around 3GB of RAM with phablets getting 4GB. If proved to be true Huawei are doubling down, potentially forcing other manufacturers to create a new norm.

But the 6GB of RAM could just be simply be for the phablet version of the P9, there are further rumours speculating that there will be three different versions of the P9. Differing from each other by size and certain specs (most likely RAM).

If Huawei were to include 6GB of RAM in all sizes, it’d be pretty much overkill.

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