Huawei mean business with Hollywood muscle

Manny Pham
April 6, 2016

Huawei finally unveiled the Huawei P9 today in London, with a bit of help from Superman and Black Widow.

See me in the campaign for the new Huawei P9, co-engineered with Leica.  #huaweip9 #oo

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Henry Cavill and Scarlett Johansson have signed up to promote Huawei’s new device. Cavill took a break from promoting Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (and consoling sad Ben Affleck), to grace us all with his presence at the launch of the P9. Johansson couldn’t be there, we were lead to believe she sent us a personal video message to say sorry, to be greeted by her half of the P9 advert.

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It still seems a bit strange that two Hollywood A-listers are promoting a Huawei device, despite watching the adverts and seeing Superman in the flesh taking a selfie with CEO Richard Yu. It’s a major sign from Huawei as they are taking things seriously this time. Huawei are trying to disrupt the status quo and become the number one manufacturer in the world.

Currently the Chinese giants are number three in the world with a 7.4% market share. Annual revenue grew by 37% (£42.65 billion) in 2015, due to strong smartphone sales, according to the IDC.

With massive celebrities that are currently in the limelight, promoting their new devices won’t be much of a problem. But can the P9 satisfy consumers?

It’s not all show

The P8 wasn’t anything special and Huawei realised this. With the P9 Huawei seem to be pushing a lot of quality our way with unique selling points that would bat some eyelids. The pièce de résistance is of course the Leica lens dual-camera, offering Hybrid Focus for altering the focus post-snapping. The new cameras allow 90% more light in than the S7, and 270% more than the iPhone 6s, according to Huawei.

It also has 96% better colour saturation and charges 180% faster than the iPhone 6s. The standard 5.2-inch P9 comes with a 3000 mAh battery which will apparently allow you to watch 12 hours of HD videos. Regular long haul flyers rejoice. It all looks great on paper, whether the P9 will be that turning point for Huawei, remains to be seen.

Our review to follow soon.

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