HTC reportedly signed as Nexus developer

Manny Pham
March 9, 2016

Rumours are circulating on Google signing up HTC as Nexus developers for the next three years.

While there isn’t any concrete evidence on the said rumour, it adds to the many rumours surrounding Google’s Nexus programme. We’ve heard of Google manufacturing the Nexus themselves and even shutting it down completely. All very possible rumours, but it is more likely for Google to sign up HTC, to take the helm again as Nexus developers. HTC manufactured the Nexus One, the first ever Nexus smartphone in 2010, which received a positive reception with excellent specs and an attractive price point.

It would be a massive plus for HTC, it’s no secret they are going through a tough time. If they can impress with the M10 and a Nexus deal. 2016 could look brighter for the Taiwanese manufacturer.

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Via Pocket Now.

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