How will mobile 5G impact our lives?

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February 26, 2021

It doesn’t matter whether you consider the evolution of the mobile phone or the role that a private datacenter proxy can play, there is no denying that the technological landscape has changed. The latest major alteration is the introduction of mobile 5G which has been big news in the digital world over the last few months, but how much of an effect will it have on us? This article explores some of the key areas where the super-speedy and uber-low latency mobile 5G network will be most impactful on our lives; 

Significant Medical Advancement

The COVID-19 pandemic has made its presence known in almost every country in the world. The ongoing effects and consequences are being felt particularly hard by medical services and facilities with adaptation and versatility in both diagnosis and treatments alike. Part of the changes have involved the incorporation of virtual check-ups and consultations to negate the current fear of stepping outside your home. This is all possible thanks to 5G technology. It is anticipated that telesurgery will make huge advancements under the new high-speed 5G network and could become mainstream in the near future which would no doubt revolutionise the surgical world.

Transport Alternatives

Much like the luxury of an aeroplane captain switching the auto-pilot on during a long flight, the dream of autonomous driving is a very much sought-after prospect. Until now, it has always been a bit far-fetched and unrealistic, especially for it to be mass-produced cheaply enough to be regarded as affordable. 5G advancements are the first step towards making autonomous vehicles a reality for more than the odd lucky few. A whole generation of drivers could soon be exposed to a normality behind the wheel which could be hugely beneficial in multiple ways. 5G provides the latency base sufficient enough for this to even be considered in the motoring sector.


The days of renting a movie on DVD are gone, even box-sets don’t actually come in a box anymore. Gaming and streaming are the remote entertainment leaders that have literally taken over pop-culture and modern society. Online gaming is a huge industry and commands powerful technology and state-of-the-art specifications to allow it to succeed on a global format. The introduction of 5G with its extremely low-latency make it perfect for gamers to avoid connection issues, lag and buffering. Similarly, with streaming services, the delays and frustrations with connectivity are all but eliminated with a 5G network’s speed and efficiency. The download speed alone is something to marvel at and will significantly enhance both your viewing pleasure and your gaming enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

5G technology is the first true multi-faceted network that is the latest mobile phenomenon to transform our daily lives. Whilst it cannot be blamed for the global coronavirus pandemic like some conspiracists will have you believe, its impact on technology is evident. As with most, if not all large digital initiatives, there was always going to be the odd hitch and the inevitable transition period but on the whole, 5G is a remarkable step-forward and so far a huge success.

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