How To Make A Telemedicine App – A Full Guide

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October 9, 2020

The healthcare industry has changed a lot due to the presence of telemedicine apps. The development of telemedicine apps has made everyone realize that the healthcare system needs some innovative solutions.

Since the demand for innovative services and other technologies increases, making a telemedicine app is a good investment. You can either ask a healthcare app development company like Riseapps to build an app for you or do it yourself. If you want to make the app by yourself, but don’t know how to, this article is for you. As in this article, we’ll cover almost everything that will give you the answer to such questions.

So, let’s get started and make you understand how to make a telemedicine application.

But before starting with the steps of making it, let’s know some technologies and features of telemedicine apps so that you know what all are the things that you need to include in your app.

Top technologies used in Telemedicine Apps

There are mainly four technologies that are used for developing a telemedicine application:

●          Machine Learning: it helps the doctors make decisions regarding patients’ health faster and with accuracy.

●          Blockchain: it provides highly secured data transfer and storage

●          Big Data: it gathers all history of the patient, which allows the doctor to make decisions for patients based on their previous medical history

●          Artificial Intelligence gives features like chatbots and voice recognition, which helps doctors help and make decisions instantly.

Out of these technologies, you need to decide which ones you want to implement and remember that they are all costly. So, depending on your requirements, choose the technologies.

Necessary features to include in a telemedicine app

Now, let’s see some features for patients and doctors you can use in your telemedicine app to make it more interactive, useful, and efficient for doctors and patients.

Features for Patients:

● Registration process

Personal profiles

Ratings and Reviews

● Calendar and Appointments

● Search and Filters

● Text or Video chat

● Geolocation

● Payment gateway

● Push notifications

● In-app calls

● Insurance plan

● Medication tracking

Features for Doctors:

● Registration and Login

Doctor profiles

● Schedule and Calendar

● Text or Video chat

● EHR review

● Video or Audio session recording

● Medical prescription

● Dashboards and analytics

● Pharmacy databases

So, these are the features that you can include in your app, depending on your requirements.

Steps to make a Telemedicine App

There are many steps that you need to follow to make a Telemedicine app. To make you understand the process, we’ll be discussing each step in brief.

Step 1: Evaluate the features and requirements for your telemedicine app

The first thing to do is know and make a list of all the features and conditions you want from your Telemedicine app. We covered the features above that you can include in your application, so go through them and understand what features you want.

Step 2: Learn the regulations and legislations

You also need to know about all the country’s healthcare policies, which is your target country, because all countries have different legislation that protects the users’ personal medical data. Like if you are creating a telemarketer app in the US, then you need to have a HIPAA compliant Healthcare app.

Step 3: Analyse your competitors and build a strategy

The next thing is to analyse your competitors in the country and develop your strategy in solving the problems for which you are making the app. Develop a plan for monetisation, development, and marketing of your telemedicine app and be ready to invest a budget.

Step 4: Choose a suitable application development company

Do a little research and find an appropriate development company that can develop your telemedicine app to your expectations and use adequate security measures.

Step 5: Test, Release and do marketing of your developed app

Once you get your advanced telemedicine app from the company, make sure to first test it before publishing it. Take proper measures for testing the application, and if it is successful, you can go for releasing it in the market. Do the appropriate marketing of your application, and remember to plan a budget for its maintenance.

In this article, we covered all the guidelines that you need to follow while making a telemedicine app. We hope that after going through the article, you can answer how to make a telemedicine application. Based on Riseapps article from their blog.

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