How to Incorporate Videos at Trade Shows

Emily Porter
February 20, 2020

There are several marketing tools that can go into a trade show to help meet your objectives. You may use roller banners, branded booths, branding the staff at the booth, fliers, brochures and demonstrations, among other tools like what you find in Most companies do not know how to incorporate videos in their trade show exhibitions except for the use of a few animated slides. This article looks at various ways and tips for including videos in your next exhibition and the expected results.

Get a Video Display of a Good Size

A video should complement the efforts of your staff in getting attendees to be potential prospects. To get the information effortlessly, get a good-sized video display that attendees can read from a reasonable distance. Very small ones will not inspire interest while the very big ones may overshadow your staff’s effort in getting an interested customer. This may make you end up losing clients.

Watch the Length of Your Video

Attendees do not have all the time to stand and watch a whole documentary. The video needs should not be more than seven minutes long. Just get something that highlights your solutions and gets the attendees to ask questions. Ideally, it should act as an icebreaker so that the conversation gets going. You do not have to fit everything into one video; you can have several small videos, each with a part of the information. Just ensure that each video gives wholesome points on its own.

Engagement is the Key

Just like an elevator pitch, you have a few seconds to capture the interest of your audience so that they do not move to the next booth. The video should deliver the punch that makes them do an action. Some of the ways that you can make videos engaging include good images and graphics, attention-grabbing titles, current offers and discounts and a little of the solution in action (or results of using a particular product). Remember, it has to appeal to their eyes before they get their mind to learn what you are presenting.

Offer Videos with Mixed Objectives

Your videos should not be just sales pitches. You should mix up different objectives such as to show the history of the company, your company culture, corporate social responsibility and of course, your solutions. Each video could be about five minutes. Set your player setting such that videos get mixed up in the course of the exhibition.

Have the Videos Done by a Professional

Customers perceive the quality of your products to be the same as what they see in the presentation. Therefore, consider hiring a professional video editing team to do your videos. They will bring the best features of your business and products while making the whole presentation interesting to watch. On the other hand, grainy and shaky videos are likely not going to impress your audience. 

Include Your Social Media Links and Testimonials

Use the videos as a sales tool. Testimonials can be a great marketing tool as it gives realistic feelings from your customers. If you can get notable figures in the testimonials, it will make the sales pitch even better. On the other hand, it is good to tell the attendees where they can engage with you on social media. Include your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles or any other social media profile that you have. There should be someone who is monitoring social media so that people who ask questions or make remarks on the exhibition can get an immediate response. The one monitoring the social pages should be at the exhibition so that he or she can respond to specific queries regarding the exhibition.

Focus on Visuals instead of the Audio

Noise can be a problem with your exhibition. There will always be ambient noise from people who are talking around you, which makes it hard for one to listen actively. Also, most trade shows come with restriction of how high your volume can go so that it does not disturb other exhibitors. If your video requires audio to get the message across, consider making captions for the attendees can read what is being said. The video should also have subheadings as they reduce the need of having a narrator on the video and guide the attendees through various pieces.

If well planned, videos are effective tools to market your company at trade shows. They help engage your attendees and elicit reactions necessary to get conversations going. Service and physical product companies can utilise videos to their advantage. Just keep in mind the above points when making your next trade show video.

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