How to: Blacklist your phone if it’s stolen or lost

Jonathan Morris
July 29, 2009

If your phone is stolen, do you want the thief to be able to carry on using it? Protect your property and you may also increase the likelihood of recovering your goods.

You can create a FREE private and secure portfolio of all your personal property (not just your mobile phone, but other property including computers and bicycles etc), so if something is lost or stolen you can quickly tell the police, your insurer and the second hand trade to assist in recovering your property and potentially catching the thief.

The free service offers the following benefits:

  • Helps UK police forces identify the owner of lost and stolen goods.
  • Loss & theft updates you make are immediately available to the police nationally.
  • Combats the sale of stolen property, alerting the second-hand trade via the publicly checkable stolen goods database, CheckMEND.
  • Simplify insurance claims and police reports with certificates of ownership.

More information and free registration:

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