How Smartphones Can Help with the Study

Bronwyn Leigh
October 14, 2019

When you are a student, chances are you are always searching for new ways to do homework, complete assignments, and useful study. Why not use your device to add efficiency to your study habits.

Want to learn more about a topic the teacher mentioned? Do quick internet research and get more facts. Do you want to prepare a top-notch class report? Find an app for that.

According to a 2015 survey by Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C., over 73% of teenagers had access to a smartphone. The report also shows that 92% of teens go online daily. Even though educators have not introduced smartphone usage into the formal curriculum, students are using these gadgets for their education.

Armed with the information above, you may be wondering, “How can I use my smartphone to write my paper assignment effectively?” Stick around and know how to use a smartphone to help with the study.

Record Lectures to Revisit Them Later On

Are you having trouble grasping everything taught in the lecture hall at the designated time? Do you feel drowsy during certain classes? Use your device to record lectures and listen to them later on at home.

While in class, a student needs to be writing, listening, learning, and remembering at the same time. Such commitments can lead to exhaustion, reducing your brain’s ability to absorb new information. Therefore, by recording a lecture, you can study it when you are free and feeling refreshed.

Set a Timer to Track your Learning Process

Use a timer to gauge how much time you spend on doing your assignment. The act of timing allows for efficient management of your time when planning out the day.

Moreover, you’ll need to set apart several breaks in between your studies to have a fruitful study session. An example of a useful study timer is one hour of learning, accompanied by 15 minutes of rest. Those breaks will refresh your brain, enabling you to absorb more information.

The main advantage of using a timer is the dedication involved to complete a task within a specified limit. Over time, you’ll develop a habit of following through your schedule at any given time. By planning your activities, you’ll have more time to watch movies, enjoy walks, or even have a good time out with friends.

Download Notetaking apps

Add productivity-focused apps to your device and stay organized. By keeping school notes in a safe and convenient place, you can access them on the go. Use apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote to store all important files and access them wherever and whenever you want.

Furthermore, these apps can synchronize to a computer allowing the users to coordinate their work. Don’t struggle to remember whether your homework is complete. Log in to your apps and check on your work progress.

Listen to Educational Podcasts

With technology, there are numerous opportunities online to convey information. Among those ways is the rise of podcasting as a popular means of sharing information, stories, and ideas. Podcasters are using their platforms to inform others on a variety of issues. Some of the best available educational podcasts are The College Info Greek Podcast, Hardcore History, and Radio Lab.

Are you bored reading all day? Do you struggle to find a convenient time to read? Download an educational podcast on any class topic, from science and technology to psychology and health. With an audio file, you won’t have to download books. Press play and leisurely start absorbing critical information as you rest or attend to your household chores.

You can also listen to the podcast performing your body exercises, on your way home while or during various travels.

Read your Books in Softcopy Mode

Do you prefer reading under a tree than in the library? Use eBook apps like Kindle to read electronic books at your pleasure. Download all the recommended course workbooks and advance the information you acquired in class.

Combine both printed and eBook versions of books to research more on a given topic. You can even have a copy of your hardcover textbook in a soft copy, thus making it accessible anywhere you go. According to a Pew Research study, despite the traditional printed book dominance, there is an increasing number of readers using other mediums such as eBooks and podcasts to access relevant information.

Organize your Calendar

By keeping tabs of your calendar on your phone, you’ll always be in check with your daily activities. Record all your upcoming events, such as meetings, appointments, and deadlines for assignments to avoid being caught off-guard.

Therefore, by knowing your upcoming events, you can effectively plan your time so you won’t fall behind on any schedule.

There is a popular app explicitly created for pupils called myHomework Student Planner. It can help in managing your time and organizing things professionally.

Final Thoughts

Instead of using your smartphone for entertainment and social purpose, turn it into an epic learning device. Use it to order papers, receive papers, or track your tasks. Adhere to the methods above and see your learning capabilities Improve.

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