How Android Phone Spy Free Helps Parents Control Their Children

John Bell
October 3, 2019

Did you know phone spy free app can protect your child
from the evil influence of the Internet?

Why modern parents should control their children?

Today, children are vulnerable to abuse thanks to the
proliferation of high-tech gadgets such as smartphones, tablets connected to
high-speed Internet. While such a situation has made communication fast, easy
and convenient, it has brought certain evils in its wake as well. Today, as
children can access the Internet via their smartphones, they are likely to come
into contact with negative influences such as objectionable content, or
cybercriminals who may lure children to revealing sensitive data such as their
parents’ email ids, bank account details and the like.

Given these potential dangers, modern parents need to
control their children by constantly tracking what they’re doing online.

What is phone spy free

The need for spying phones has occurred frequently
than ever. Along with this, the job to spy an individual has become pretty
easier than before because of the advent of modern software like phone spy
free. Such software applications are available for free. You can download, and
install such software on the target device and start monitoring the user.

Today, there are many phone spy free apps that you can
consider. The best thing while choosing an app is to consider attributes like
simplicity, ease of use, device compatibility, quality of the features, etc.

Why do parents choose Hoverwatch?

As opposed to many phone spy app available today, parents like to choose Hoverwatch. There are several reasons. These include the economical cost, simplicity, ease to use, device compatibility and the various features that are extremely useful for parenting.

Hoverwatch is available for a free trial period.
Hoverwatch app makes it easy for parents to control children’s online activity
by monitoring them when they are away from home at school.

How to use the free program?

Hoverwatch phone spy
is available at affordable
costs. You can start using the trial period. The trial period is available for
a few days, after which you can choose to buy a subscription plan.

To start using the app, visit the official website of
Hoverwatch and sign up to create an account with your email id and password.

Now in the target phone, open Play Store and download
the files and start using the app – monitoring the target phone user.

What is the paid functionality of Hoverwatch spy apps for Android

The paid functionality of Hoverwatch phone spy free

Tracking SMS and other text messages – with the time
and date specified.

Tracking calls – You can track both incoming and
outgoing calls with names, dates, and time shown.

Tracking social media network activities -The app tracks all the activities performed on social media networks like Viber, Facebook, and massagers like WhatsApp. The app tracks each image, video, text message that was sent/received. Locating the phone – Using GPS and signals from cell phone towers and Wi-Fi it can locate the position of the target device exactly.

Internet browsing history – The app enables you to
know the websites visited by the user. The URLs of the sites visited are shown
with date and time are specified.

Camera shot – The camera takes the image of the person
unlocking the device.

Screenshots – You can get screenshots on the
activities performed by the use of the target device.

Know passwords – The keylogger records the key stories
made on the device when it’ typed. You can also know the searches made on
Internet browsers.

What do I need to install a Hoverwatch?

Note than to install Hoverwatch phone spy free, you
must in possession physically the target phone. Once you have a phone you can
log in to your Hoverwatch account on the device and install the app.

You cannot install the app on the target device
remotely – without accessing the device physically. If you’ve heard from any
source that the app can be installed remotely, then the information misleading.

Legality and prices

Many groups of people such as parents, employers,
spouses, testing professionals, and others wish to spy other people’s phones.
Note that it illegal to spy phone and other devices without taking their


In the case of parents, they have the responsibility
to protect children against all negative influence of the Internet by tracking
children’s activity on the smartphone.

If you’re planning to install phone spy free on your teenage child, you should be careful. Let them know that you’re monitoring them. This will help build trust and goodwill between you and your child. Advise them to be careful online. Explain to them the potential dangers of visiting suspicious websites, chatting online with strangers and the like. In any case, make sure to exercise restraint.

Employers as well should seek legal counsel before
they step up surveillance on their employees’ phone and other devices. An
employer can track the device provided they own the device. Further, employees
should be made aware of their being monitored. Else, it may constitute a case
of infringement of privacy.

Suspicious spouses skeptical about their
husband’s/wife’s conduct, should be careful – it may embitter the relationship
further and may bring attentive consequences on yourself.


Hoverwatch phone spy app is available in three plans –
Personal plan, Professional plan, and Business plan.

Plan Personal Plan Professional/Family Plan Business Plan
Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices
1 month $24.95 $49.95 $149.95
3 month $59.95 $99.95 $299.95
1 year $99.95 $199.95 $499.95

The Personal plan is meant for a single device and
costs $24.95 a month, $59.95 for three months, and $99.95 for 12 months.

The Professional plan is meant for five devices and
costs $49.95 a month, $99.95 for three months, and $199.95 for 12 months.

The Business plan is meant for 25 devices and costs
$149.95 a month, $299.95 for three months, and $499.95 for 12 months.


Today, it’s become essential to monitor people and
track their activities online. However, with so many phone spying apps around,
it may be a little challenging to choose the right app for your device. You
need to consider using your own parameters. Hoverwatch best suits you because it’s simple and easy to use,
economical and compatible with all Android devices. Along with this is the
attribute that enables monitoring without the knowledge of the target device
user makes it the phone spy free worth considering.

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