HONOR View20 comes to O2 custom plans

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January 22, 2019

HONOR View20 now available to O2 customers

A gift of a stylish HONOR Watch Magic in black upon purchase of the HONOR View20 on O2 Refresh’s customisable tariffs, starting from £33.03 per month, £10 upfront for 1GB data

The brand-new HONOR View20 is now available to O2 customers online and in-store from tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd January, on O2’s revolutionary custom plans.

Available in Sapphire Blue and Midnight Black, this is the world’s first smartphone that comes equipped with a 48MP camera and 3D TOF camera that creates professional level super-clear photos.

The new HONOR device features a completely indent-free, 6.4” display screen, making watching videos and TV shows a true pleasure. The in-built Artificial Intelligence even has an automatic translation feature that translates foreign languages by pointing the camera at the text, making this the ideal device for the tech-savvy consumer who enjoys exploring the latest technology on the market. Added to this, the HONOR View20 is tuned to offer a seamless gaming experience with its incredibly powerful processor, RAM and massive 400mAH battery.

O2 customers who purchase the device directly from O2 until 6th February will also be able to claim a stylish HONOR Watch Magic in black for free.

With O2’s customisable plans, customers have the freedom to tailor an individual plan to suit their needs and lifestyle. Customers can choose how much they want to pay upfront, how much they want to spread the remaining cost of their device from anywhere between three and 36 months (in one-month increments) and their data allowance.

Customers have the option of flexing the data allowance they originally chose up and down every month; giving them the peace of mind that the plan they sign up for will be the right one for them.

O2 Refresh custom plan tariffs for the HONOR View20 start from £33.03 a month with a £10 upfront payment for 1GB of data.

Customers who want to upgrade early from another handset need only pay off the remaining balance of their Device Plan to stay bang-up-to-date. What’s more, customers who want to keep their phone after their Device Plan finishes will only pay for their monthly airtime tariff from that point on. Terms and conditions apply, visit for full details.

Plus, by recycling an old device through O2 Recycle, customers can receive a cash payment when they upgrade. This could be up to £117 for the Huawei HONOR View10. Customers can recycle in-store or online at

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