Honda to debut in-car Android OS powered by Tegra at Paris Motor Show

Saqib Shah
October 2, 2014

Honda is set to become the first vehicles manufacturer to launch an in-car Android OS, which it calls Honda Connect.

The new operating system marks its first collaboration with Nvidia, which will power the new OS with its powerful Tegra processor.

Honda Connect will roll out on a number of new Honda models (including the Civic, Civic Tourer and CR-V) starting in early 2015.


Nvidia describes the Honda Connect system as an intuitive and user-friendly, smartphone-like touchscreen experience.

The 7-inch display runs on Android 4.0.4 will feature a customisable home screen and access to the Honda App Center, where users will be able to download and install a number of services for music, podcasts and information. It will also incorporate gesture controls such as pinch, zoom and swipe.

“We have lots of experience with Android – from gaming on the SHIELD tablet and supporting Android TV development, to powering the Project Tango devkit for visual computing. So, bringing Android to cars is a logical step,” said Nvidia in a statement.

Although Honda Connect will be the first in-car OS to run on Android, it bears no connection to Android Auto – Google’s own automotive OS, which it plans to launch as an Apple CarPlay rival later this year.

Honda will be previewing the new Honda Civic at the Paris Motor Show this week.

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