Holy downloads, Batman! Temple Run 2 hits 20m downloads in first weekend

Alex Walls
January 22, 2013

That’s a lot of explorers running for their lives.

The sequel to Imangi Studios’ wildly popular Temple Run game passed 20 million downloads in its first weekend, the company said.

The original game managed 170 million, so the app still has some way to go before rivalling its sibling, but Imangi said it had been downloaded more than 20 million times in the first four days after release on the App Store, becoming the #1 Free App eight hours after release.  The game was the third top grossing app as of yesterday, the company said.

For those who really need more, Imangi Studios also signed a number of licensing partnerships last year, one of which includes digital comics with Ape Entertainment which explores the background of the game – possibly looking into the motivation of the ape-demon things?

In less than one week, the game had more than 210 million sessions, the studio said, a combined time of over 1,775 years of game play.

Imangi co-founded Keith Shepherd said the response from fans had been overwhelming and the company hoped to expand the game over the coming months.

Speaking of which, Temple Run 2 is still available only on iOS, the Android version is due out on Thursday, so prep your fingers and elbows for jostling fellow passengers on your morning commute, Android users.  Just remember to turn the sound down.

For What Mobile’s first look at those damned, dirty apes, see our story here.

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