Hands-on: Doro Liberto 810, a simple Android smartphone

Jordan O'Brien
September 12, 2013

Doro’s Liberto 810 was unveiled at IFA, and it was the company’s second smartphone — but with some notable improvements over the first.

If you were expecting a powerhouse, then you can move along, you won’t find that here — although if you’re hoping for a device that will be incredibly simple to use, then come on down — the Liberto 810 could be the phone for you.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Doro Liberto 810 is the rubber buttons on the front of the device, which were rather stiff to press, so if you have weak hands you might have difficulty — but at least there’s unlikely to be any accidental presses.

The apps draw is incredibly simple, with large icons for everything you need — including the Google Play Store, as this phone does run on Android 4.1.

The OS didn’t exactly feel sluggish, but don’t go expecting to play some rather intensive games on it.

This device has one goal in mind, and that’s to be as simple as possible for those who have difficulty using smartphones, and that goal has been achieved.

The Doro Liberto 810 is one of the simplest devices I’ve seen, and the large icons mean if your eye sight isn’t as good as it once was, then you shouldn’t have a problem reading the screen at all.

The touch keyboard was rather small, although it was using SwiftKey, so if you do make some mistakes then it should be able to correct them.

The 4-inch display doesn’t look great, but nor does it have to, with this likely to cost a lot less than your 1080p toting smartphones, a fair compromise, given the device’s target market.

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