GTA 5 Online Flight School update brings new jets, races and missions

Saqib Shah
August 19, 2014

The latest in Rockstar’s ongoing slate of updates for GTA 5 Online lands today and brings with it plenty of aeronautical thrills.

The Flight School update for PS3 and Xbox 360 includes new jets, helicopters, car races and even “patriotic themed parachute bags” – which you can check out in the video clip at the end of the article.

The latter basically means a number of national parachute bags adorned in the design of a specific regional flag. The ones shown in the clip include USA, Brazil, UK, Scotland (a wink to Rockstar North no doubt) and Germany. No love for Africa and Asia then, but perhaps more will be available in-game.

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As the title indicates, new flight school challenges will be added for all the top guns out there.

Additionally, there will be increased cash payouts available for the multiplayer mode’s harder missions, with bonus cash for missions completed with others.

Online commentators have hinted that the emphasis on co-op play could hint at the upcoming arrival of the Online Heists DLC. Rockstar has not confirmed the rumours as of yet.

GTA 5 will also be making its next-gen and PC debut soon.

Check out the Flight School update video below:

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