Google Workshop will allow users to create custom cases and wallpapers for its smartphones

Saqib Shah
August 4, 2014

Google is following in the footsteps of Motorola by creating a new platform that will let users create custom smartphone cases and wallpapers.

Entitled ‘Workshop’, the preliminary project only works with the Nexus 5 at this stage, but will likely be expanded to include more devices.

Workshop is currently made up of two tools: MapMe and Moments. MapMe lets users design custom wallpapers and cases based on a specific location – but will also feature pre-loaded options like significant landmarks.

Users will also be able to add colour and text to their personal wallpaper in order to further enhance it. Additionally, the wallpapers will be interactive and will have the option to display location specific information – such as tweets, weather and localised content.

Workshop’s Moments feature, on the other hand, lets users create custom cases for their Google device by importing existing images from their computer or Google+ account.

The photos will then be used as case images and live wallpapers. Like MapMe, users will then be able to add personalise text that can be positioned in various places on the case.

Google has obviously retained this idea from its time as owner of Motorola – who had its own device customisation tool known as Moto Maker.

As Workshop is still in its development stage, prices and release information have not yet been confirmed by Google.


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