Google wants to design its own processor

Manny Pham
November 6, 2015

You heard it folks, Google want to take steps into optimising it’s devices by creating their own processors.

According to a report from The Information, Google has made enquiries to chip manufacturers about making it’s own processor, so that it’s future devices will possess features that Google covets. Features like bigger CPU memory cache, quicker cameras and in-depth sensor support. Virtual reality will be one step closer to being… well, a reality. Google’s Project Tango is currently in the works and with a it’s own dedicated processor, things will speed up for Tango and of course for future devices.

The Android scene is pretty fragmented with camera sensors from Sony to processors from Qualcomm. By creating their own processor, Google will cease the defragmentation and improve performance overall.

Apple has done it with the creation of the A6 chip and since then, Apple devices have had seamless and fast UI experiences and earlier security updates. Google devices will also be able to enjoy these benefits, although Google already get first dibs on updates, being the progenitor of Android after all.

All of this info has come from an unknown source, but if they prove to be true in the near future, Apple might actually have to consider the possibility of losing a chunk of their market share. Which will push them to continue to innovate as they always have done. Let’s hope so, for more super special awesome stuff to play with in the near future.

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Via Engadget.

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